A Gentle 4 month reparenting experience with monthly group calls, monthly Hypnobreathwork® group sessions and deep dive activities for a life transformation and healing journey.


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To raise resilient and secure children we first need to raise and parent our own inner child and our soul. In this experience you will be guided in FOUR powerful ways to reparent your inner child and reconnect to your soul’s essence to find freedom and ease in parenting.

With Hypnobreathwork®, brain based research and tools, and conscious coaching you will re-pattern your subconscious and show proven ways to reparent your own inner child so you can do the same with your own children without feeling triggered and overwhelmed. It’s a deep healing experience where you will connect back to your power and connect to your spiritual intuitive self - your inner wisdom and healer.



As women and mothers in this modern world of overwhelm we can feel like we have to be the good girl, the people pleaser and the fixer to feel included but this leaves us empty + lost. It is a conditioning + modelling that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

I’m here to tell you that you can release the enmeshment, the feeling of shame, judgement and the need to please to live a life of true freedom, sovereignty and empowerment as a mother and human.

There is a collective energy of HEALING that is being asked of us and I truly believe that when we create awareness of our mother wound, heal our wound and then move into intuitive action we are able to break generational patterns, heal trauma and create a generation of conscious + mindful children as we live with freedom and ease. 

Let’s release the need to avoid difficult emotions, numbing, the feeling of powerless and panic, fears of abandonment and self sabotage in our PARENTING to move into a place of confidence, healthy navigating of emotions for ourselves and children and the strength of awareness to BE here and not feel like you need to HIDE or NUMB all the time. 

Healing your mother wound will create a SPACE that your soul is craving in feeling WHOLE and FREE. 

"Jenn is one of the most intuitive coaches I have ever met!"

"Jenn, provides excellent guidance through hypnobreathwork."

"Jenn’s Hypnobreathwork and intuitive sessions are magical."

This experience has been created for you. 
This is the transformation that your soul has been asking of you. 

I’m glad you are here 

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