I remember sitting in my Dr’s office at age of 35 and her saying … have you thought about having kids? Of course. Well, no, not really. Do I want kids?

That was the start of a VERY long + challenging motherhood journey from terminating for medical reasons, miscarriages, ivf, stillbirth and surrogacy. The one thing that kept layering was my grief, anxiety and trauma. I had the worst coping strategies, I lost who I was and I also became someone I didn’t recognize. All my childhood traumas started to resurface, my triggers, all the conditioning and pressures, and my emotions were overwhelming. There were so many times I wanted to give up. Somehow + somewhere, I found strength, courage and resilience like nobody’s business. Now, as a parent, I started to fear how these emotions, anxieties, limiting patterns would surface again and how I would affect my own child with my trauma and triggers.

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All I knew was that I DID NOT want my child to have to live his life carrying my generational trauma, fears and worries and I wanted to get curious about my triggers and anxieties as I was also parenting after loss. I wanted to break the generational patterns that were passed down unconsciously to me but more so I didn’t feel like I was doing my BEST and giving as much as I could as a PARENT. I craved the ability to celebrate my son as a whole and perfect spirit by attuning and connecting with him on a deeper level but also learning more about myself. 
I decided take Dr. Shefali’s PHD level coaching course and became a Conscious Parenting Coach. This changed my life as I started to see that my conditioning and trauma made me believe that I was unsafe, unworthy and not enough. I could see the conditioning placed on me, how my childhood wounds and my own wounded inner child were still running the show. I desired more than ever the fun, joyful, spontaneous and passionate women that was hiding to breath again.
I then became a Hypnobreathwork® facilitator and my life changed again and in the most powerful deepest way possible. I was able to release my limiting beliefs, emotional trauma and reprogram my subconscious to feel FREE. Something I have craved all my life. In this place of consciousness and freedom, I am now the woman and mother that I knew I could be with the most expansive energy of flow and ease. 
I knew that my childhood and my trauma did not define me anymore and it is my FULL expansion of SELF that does. 



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I could eat ice cream + pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner- life is short. 

I have two beagles who love to cuddle and eat.

I’ve always wanted to live in California, but seem to move to cold + wet places. Still haven’t figured that one out AND still dreaming…

I am a Certified Yoga Teacher and Restorative + Yin are my JAM. I like slow yoga.

English is my second language. I only spoke Portuguese till the age 5.

Take me dancing and I will be the last one on the dance floor … usually looking for where I put my shoes.

I’m currently writing a book about my motherhood journey

I am a neurobiology + nervous system geek AND into the woo.

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